Our Story

Dodge City Originals (DCO) is a small, family-owned business that serves every soul in Dodge whether you are new to the Village or a 4th generation. Our vision is to create a local brand that represents Cumberland like no other. We deeply cherish the past, savour the present, and embrace the charm and character of Cumberland. We are committed to shopping locally, supporting our unique local events, and further strengthening the Cumberland economy.


Sales Representative and Delivery team

Meet Elliott and Aspen, hands down the finest sales reps in our beloved Village. These young entrepreneurs have been slanging shirts from the start. If you’ve been to Dodge you might have seen these two selling shirts out of their  trusty wagon at Cumberland events and Market days.

Steve Schleppe 

Superintendent product Advisor/ Quality Control 

This ol boy has been putting our DCO apparel through the ultimate stress test since day one. Whether he's ripping his favorite mountain bike trail named "Bucket of Blood" or just sipping beers at the brewery, he can attest that this apparel was built for Cumberland and can withstand anything.



Leo is the heart and soul of our business. He's the one steering the coal cart , making those vital decisions, solving problems, and keeping our cherished family business running smoothly.